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Easy Ways to Earn Money for Our School

There are many ways to earn money for our school without spending anything extra. Take a moment and consider helping our school in more ways than one!

-Food Lion “Shop & Share”

You can register your “MVP” card with the “Shop & Share” program at Food Lion by going to their website at www.FoodLion.com\InTheCommunity\ShopAndShare and clicking on ”Register MVP cards”. Or you can fill out the information below and return it to the school with your child and we’ll get you signed up.
MVP Card # (12 digits)  __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __
First Name _________________________________ 
Last Name __________________________________
Day phone ____________________________
-Ingles “Tools for Schools”

You can register your Ingles “Advantage” card with the “Tools for Schools” program by going to their website at http://www.ingles-markets.com/advantage_card/tools_for_schools/ and clicking on “Sign Up Online Right Now” (please be careful to select the Anderson Mill Elementary School ). Or you can fill out the information below and return it to the school with your child and we’ll get you signed up.
Mr. ___ Ms. ___ Mrs. ___ First Name __________________________
Last Name __________________________________
Advantage Card # (12 digits) __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
-Publix “Partners”

Publix does not require a special card for shopping, but if you want to donate money to a certain school, you will need to turn in your information. So, if you or someone you know shops at Publix please fill inquire about this process to ensure that our school can benefit as much as possible from your shopping experience.
Number of Key Cards Requested (self, spouse, parents, friends, neighbors) __________
Your child’s name ______________________________ Your child’s teacher ________________________


As long as you use the Target REDCard, Target will give 1% of your sales back to Anderson Mill Elementary School. Now, there is more than one kind of Target REDCard…there is the Target Debit Card, Target Credit Card & Target Visa, all of which pay 1% on purchases at Target. However, the Target Visa can be used anywhere, and all non-Target sales earn ½%. This means, you can earn money for AMES from Target even when you’re not at Target. So, if you have a Target card, please consider signing up to have a donation made towards AMES.

-Bi-Lo Booster Plus

Bi-Lo does not offer online registration for their program, but set-up is simple. AMES is the in the process of getting an account set-up with Bi-Lo. Once that is done, all parents will have to do is print a copy of our school barcode from the Bi-Lo Booster Plus website, take it in to your local Bi-Lo, and have the cashier scan it along with your Bi-Lo Bonus Card. This will link your bonus card to our account. This is a one time set-up process and once it is done, it is done!

-Save those Box Tops

Throughout the school year, PTO will be collecting box tops and sending those off to redeem them for money. Each box top can earn us .10. There are many "extra" box tops that can earned on larger quantity items. So before you throw that box away, clip off that box top. Just think of how much we could earn if each student turned in 10 box tops. Let's all do our part!!!