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School Improvement Council

What is a School Improvement Council?

A Student Improvement Council (SIC) is a group of people of community members that come together with the school administration in order to cultivate a supportive school environment for students.

How can I become apart of the SIC?

Members of the SIC are elected by parents of students in the school. Once elected, those members will serve a two year term.
2021-2022 School Improvement Council Members
Beth Foster, Ex-Officio
Tiffany Nicholson, Assistant Principal
Jennifer Swank, Assistant Principal
Lori Lominack, Guidance Counselor
Kari Lillis, School Nurse
Jennifer Gabelhart, Classroom Teacher
Savannah Chastain, Student Body President
Jen Lancaster, PTO Co-President
Rachel Beckwith, PTO Board
Julie Oglesby, PTO Board
Scott Bryant, Community Member
Scott Greer, Parent
Courtney Giles, Parent
Tim Hill, Parent
Kristen Fast, Parent
Chris Smith, Parent
Jacqueline Santos, Parent
Casandra Tobias, Parent