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School Improvement Council

What is a School Improvement Council?

A Student Improvement Council (SIC) is a group of people of community members that come together with the school administration in order to cultivate a supportive school environment for students.

How can I become apart of the SIC?

Members of the SIC are elected by parents of students in the school. Once elected, those members will serve a two year term.
2017-2018 Student Improvement Council Members
Natasha Pitts - SIC President
Chad Huffman - Parent
Eric Chastain - Parent
Dan Yacoviello - Parent
Leslie Cash - Parent
Chunsta Miller - Parent
Jessica Zunker - Parent
Scott Bryant - Community Member
Rachel Beckwith - PTO President
Abby Rousseau - PTO President
Beth Sullivan - Teacher
Kelli Smith - Teacher
Beth Haun - Principal
Beth Foster - Assistant Principal
Kerrie Kish - Assistant Principal

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