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Lydia Durham, Learning Lab

We are so excited your student is in our class this year! We are looking forward to a great year. I will send home a newsletter each Monday. Make sure to check your child's folder each night for information about what is going on, homework, daily behavior chart, and any notes. Thanks so much!

 Our Daily Schedule


7:45-8:15              Breakfast/Arrival/Toileting

8:15-8:45              Centers/IEP1:1

8:45-9:15              Calendar

9:15-9:30              Story-time

9:30-10:00            BrainBreak/Toileting

10:00-10:30           ELA/Math/Letters & Sight Words

10:35-11:10            Lunch

11:10-11:20            Toileting/Clean faces/hands

11:20-11:50             ELA/Math/Letters & Sight Words

11:50-12:20            ELA/Math/Letters & Sight Words

12:20-12:30            Reading

12:35-1:20              Related Arts

                            Monday- Music/PETuesday-PE/Music

                            Wednesday-Library/PE Thursday-Art/Library


1:25-1:45              Recess

1:45-2:00              Snack

2:00-2:15              Toileting/Pack up for Dismissal