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What do we do in music?

We have exciting classes and clubs in our music program!


Music classes are offered in Grades 1-5, for 45 minutes, once a week.


Students who qualify for gifted and talented instruction attend Visions classes twice a week before the school day begins. There is a two-week window in which parents of 2nd, 3rd, or 4th graders may nominate their children for Music Visions.  Please pick up a form in the office starting October 29th-November 9th.   Deadline for nominations is November 9th.  For a description of children with gifted music characteristics, please click on the District Six Link below:


Fifth Graders may audition for Honors Chorus.  Honors Chorus meets Monday afternoons after school until 3:15 pm.  We perform at District Six Choral Festival on Tuesday Feb. 26th at the new College and Career Fine Arts Center.  Steel Drum Club is open to 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. We meet on Mondays in Mar and April, with the exception of March 22nd.  We enjoy learning to play the steel drums, also known as pans, and experiencing the music of the Caribbean!


Speaking of the Caribbean, we are so excited to have been the recipient of a Distinguished Arts Program Grant, entitled ARTS FOR ALL!  This grant will pay for our 4th graders to participate in a Steel Drum Residency with Kimberly Roberts, a SC Teaching Artist, of the Steel Drum Band Pantasia.  Mrs. Roberts will spend a week with our 4th graders teaching them about the Caribbean culture, techniques for playing steel drums, and the history of the creation of steel drum.  Pantasia will also perform for the entire school, so all students can experience live Caribbean music!


This grant will also feature the theater performance from the SC Youth Theater, a play entitled "Dragons Love Tacos," on Valentines Day!  All students in the school will attend a live play and enjoy the talents of the SC Youth theater actors!



4th Grade Steel Drum and Veterans Day, 11/8/18, 6:30 pm

2nd Grade Twas Night Before Christmas, 12/18/18, 6:30 pm

1st Grade Program, 2/21/19, 6:30 pm

3rd Grade Program, 3/25/19, 6:30 pm

5th Grade Chorus, Band and Strings Program, 4/29/19, 6:30 pm


Elementary students in grades 1-5 who are interested in auditioning for The District Six Waters Music Scholarship should pick up an application from their music teacher in late March of 2019.  

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