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Karilyn Parker, Fifth Grade

Barrier Island

~ Barrier Island Trip is April 27-29, 2020 ~

For information about Barrier Island, please click here.


Please visit our classes ItsLearning page for more educational opportunities. The website is and their username and password is located on a label in their planner. There are games and videos to help them practice each standard/topic.


Students may log into to practice their math skills. Their username and password is located on the back of the front cover of your child's planner.

If your child needs extra practice, click here to find more practice for each fifth grade math standard. (A screen may prompt you to click "Yes" or "No", please click "Yes".)

  1. Click on Grade 5.
  2. Click on the Strategic tab at the top.
  3. Students who need help with:
    Division: S6, S8 and S20
    Decimal Place Value: S12 & S13
    Add & Subtract Decimals: S14 & S15
    Fractions: S28, S29, S52
    Add Fractions: S30 & S31
    Subtract Fractions: S29 & S31