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Terri Gowdy, First Grade

Welcome to Mrs. Gowdy's Webpage!

I am so happy your child is part of my class this year! Please feel free to contact me any time.                          

Mrs. Gowdy’s First Grade Schedule:

7:35-7:45: WAME
7:45-8:35: Calendar/ELA
8:35-9:25: WIN TIme 
9:25-9:35: Brain Break
9:35-10:15: ELA
10:15-11:05: Science/Social Studies
11:05-11:30: Lunch
11:30-11:50: Recess
11:55-1:25: Math
1:25-2:10 Related Arts
• Monday-PE (wear tennis shoes!!)
• Tuesday-Music
• Wednesday-PE (wear tennis shoes!!)
• Thursday-Art
• Friday-Media Center
2:20-2:30: Dismissal Procedures
**ELA and Math times are interchanged occasionally when teacher feels it is appropriate


Helpful Reminders: 

  •  School Day and Transportation:
*School begins promptly at 7:45. Any student not in their class will need to report to the office for a tardy pass.
*School dismisses at 2:30. First graders proceed to the different locations for pick up at 2:20. Be sure your child knows how   they will be going home each day. They need to know their bus and car numbers. IF THIS EVER CHANGES YOU MUST   SEND A WRITTEN NOTE!
  • Please label your child’s personal items (coats, book bags, lunch boxes, pencil boxes).
  • Daily Folders need to be checked every day and the behavior chart signed.
  • Friday Folders need to be reviewed and returned on Monday.
  • If money needs to be sent into school, please place it in a sealed envelope or baggie labeled with your child’s name.
  • A written excuse is required whenever your child is absent.  

    Brain Break:
    As part of our daily “Brain Break”, boys and girls are welcome to bring a healthy snack and a water bottle to school each day. Please make sure the water bottle has a pull-top and not a twist off cap. They must fill it with water as opposed to fruit drinks or soft drinks. Healthy snacks such as fruit, pretzels, granola bars, and crackers are encouraged. Please refrain from sending in chocolate or candy. 

    You are always welcome in our classroom. Your involvement is encouraged and greatly appreciated. It is wonderful to have volunteers that will make copies, hang bulletin boards, and of course, work with the students. If you would like to volunteer this year, just let me know.
    Reminder: ALL volunteers must complete a district SLED check and be approved to volunteer. Please also remember to stop by the office and pick up a visitor’s pass before coming to the classroom.


Homework Instructions and Tests  
Spelling: Spelling Homework Instructions are listed inside the front cover. Your child will need to complete one of the the daily spelling activities and return the notebook with their folder each day.
 **Remember the Spelling words are listed on the bottom of the First Grade Newsletter in your child's Daily Folder. 
Math: Math homework will be put into your child’s Daily Folder. Typically they will have math homework Monday – Thursday, however, if there is not a homework sheet in the folder, then there is no math homework. Please return the homework the next day in order for me to check your child’s understanding of the particular skill or concept we are studying.
Reading: Please set aside at least 20 minutes for your child to read with you each night. Your child will become a better reader by reading aloud!

The class will read a new story each week in their Journeys Reading book. The story for the week is always listed in the newsletter. They will bring these books home Monday through Thursday to re-read the story, and they will have a test on the story on Friday.
Accelerated Reading Program: All students will participate in the Accelerated Reading Program. Students will bring home books that fit their independent reading ability. 
Tests in first grade are extensions of what the children have learned in the classroom.
Weekly tests will usually be given on Friday.
The tests will be:
 Spelling Test
 Reading Comprehension Test   
·      Math tests or assessments (given at varied times to assess concepts being taught)       
Accelerated Reading Program is a great way for your child to grow as a reader! 
Helpful website:
To check if there is an AR quiz for a book:
 Go to